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Lombardini Diesel Residential Series

Diesel Residential Series
5 year / 5000 hour warranty

3600 RPM Diesel Generators Include: Lombardini diesel engine,
digitec 300 controller w/auto start, automatic shutdowns, radiator cooled, industrial grade muffler, air filter, rubber isolation mounts, oil drain kit, battery cables with hold down and tray.

Model kW @ 60 Hz Engine
  10DRS 10 LDW702P  
  15DRS 15 LDW1003P  
  20DRS 20 LDW1404P  

DRS Options:

  Delete Standard Panel    
  Analog 100 Panel w/Key Start    
  Dual Station Analog Panels & "Y" Harness  
  Digitech 100 Digital Control Panel  
  Digital Generator Readout (Digitech 100 Controller Req.)
  Remote Start - 2 Switch w/Hour Meter  
  Manual Transfer Switch (200Amp) Single Phase  
  Manual Transfer Switch (400 Amp) Single Phase CALL
  Manual Transfer Switch (600 Amp) Single Phase CALL
  HD Manual Transfer Switch (200Amp) Single Phase CALL
  Automatic Transfer Switch (50Amp) Single Phase  
  Automatic Transfer Switch (100Amp) Single Phase  
  HD Automatic Transfer Switch (225Amp) Single Phase CALL
  "Y" Harness      
  05' Harness Extension    
  10' Harness Extension    
  20' Harness Extension    
  50' Harness Extension    
  Breaker Protection System (10-20DRS) *Single Phase Only
  Cartridge Type Air Filter (10-15DRS)  
  Cartridge Type Air Filter (20DRS)  
  Stainless Flexpipe, 12" X 1-1/2" Threaded Ends (10-20DRS)
  Trailer Package (10-20DRS)    
  Weather Enclosure (10-20DRS)    
  Sound Attenuation (10-20DRS)    
  Single Wall 60 Gal. Base Tank (10-15DRS)  
  Single Wall 75 Gal. Base Tank (20DRS)  
  Tank Style Block Heater (500-1500 Watts)  
  Battery - Min. 500 CCA    
  Battery Charger/Trickle Charger    
  Paint: Electric Blue, Pewter Grey, Midnight Black or Ultra White

Lombardini Diesel Engines Single-Cylinder Engines

Portable diesel generators

Diesel Portable Power

standard manual start
optional electric start
with auto shutdowns,

5 year / 5000 hour warranty

Diesel Portable Power


These units are light, compact and easy to use. They are rated from 3kW to 5.5kW. Perfect for camping, RVing, or any other outdoor activities. Also perfect for your emergency power needs. This series is powered by the Lombardini air-cooled diesel engine with a 3 year/3000 hour warranty and is equipped with power outlets and circuit breakers. Standard features T-Handle  , Fuel Tank , recoil start. Options for this series include: electric start with auto shutdowns, feed pump electric or mechanical for remote fuel tank usage , Exterior frame and battery with cables.
Model kW Cylinders Engine RPM
3PD 3.6 1 Lombardini 15LD 255 CC 3600
4PD 4.7 1 Lombardini 15LD 400 3600
5PD 5.4 1 Lombardini 15LD 400 3600

Model 3PD

Portable Power > 3PD

 Main Specifications
kw 3.6
Engine Lombardini 15LD 255 CC
Type 2 cycles, OHV
RPM 3600
Cylinders 1
Amps 120V 30
Amps 240V 15
Bore & Stroke 78 x 66
Piston Displacement 315
Oil Capacity 1.26 qts.
Cooling Air cooled
Standard Features

Height 22"
Length 23"
Width 20"
Dry Weight 102 lbs

Portable Power > 4PD

 Main Specifications
kw 4.7
Engine Lombardini 15LD 400
Type 2 cycles, OHV
RPM 3600
Cylinders 1
Amps 120V 33.4
Amps 240V 16.6
Bore & Stroke 82mmx76mm
Piston Displacement 401 cc
Oil Capacity 1.58 qts
Cooling Air cooled
Standard Features

Height 22"
Length 24.2"
Width 20"
Dry Weight 113 lbs


Model 4PD
Portable Power > 5PD

 Main Specifications
kw 5.4
Engine Lombardini 15LD 400
Type 2 cycles, OHV
RPM 3600
Cylinders 1
Amps 120V 45
Amps 240V 22.5
Bore & Stroke 82mmx76mm
Piston Displacement 401 cc
Oil Capacity 1.58 qts
Cooling Air cooled
Standard Features

Height 22"
Length 25.85"
Width 20"
Dry Weight 114 lbs

Portable Power > 6PD

 Main Specifications
kw 6.0
Engine Lombardini 15LD 440
Type 2 cycles, OHV
RPM 3600
Cylinders 1
Amps 120V 50
Amps 240V 25
Bore & Stroke 86mmx76mm
Piston Displacement 442 cc
Oil Capacity 1.58 qts
Cooling Air cooled
Standard Features

Height 23"
Length 28.75"
Width 25"
Dry Weight 120 lbs

More Quality Products from Norpro

Sound Marine Diesel LLC is now a dealer for NORPRO  diesel generators. We have a wide selection of units available, either heat exchanger cooled, or keel cooled, from 3KW to 120KW, with or without sound enclosures. An extensive list of options ensures your generator will be built to fit your specific requirements.
We also offer radiator cooled residential &  industrial generators for land and vehicle applications, for use with diesel, natural gas, or propane fuel. Portable, air cooled diesel gensets using Lombardini engines are also available, as are portable trash / water pumps. The latter are ideal for dewatering basements, swimming pools, etc.
Discounted pricing on any NORPRO brand product is available from Sound Marine Diesel LLC, please inquire.

About Norpro

Norpro is located in East Haddam CT, and has been building quality diesel generators since 1987, with an emphasis on high quality units at reasonable prices. 

Norpro Products

Norpro started business by engineering and building reliable and affordable diesel generators.  Norpro expanded their product line by producing portable diesel gensets, alternative fuel generators, Isuzu propulsion engines, portable pump sets and more. They continue to expand their offerings with innovative products such as the very compact Yanmar generator line.  These units are available in 5KW through 45KW, with or without sound enclosures.

Norpro Performance

Norpro uses only reliable and efficient engines from manufacturers such as Yanmar, Isuzu, Lombardini and Farymann (Kubota models are coming soon ! ) for its diesel lines of marine and industrial generators. For the alternative fuel powered models, Norpro uses durable General Motors (GM) and Nissan gas fuel models. Norpro products are designed and built to run reliably for years. Whether it's for your yacht, fishing boat, camp, saw mill, construction site, or powering your home off the grid or during a power outage, you can count on Norpro quality.

Follow these links for more detailed Norpro marine & Industrial products information.

More About Norpro

In January 1986 Tom and Anne Mondelci established Northeast Isuzu Engines/Norpro. Mr. Mondelci had introduced Isuzu diesel engines five years earlier and was now setting up a company whose sole purpose was to distribute Isuzu diesel products to the Northeastern United States.

Norpro quickly became recognized as one of the leading distributors of Isuzu diesel products in the United States. Norpro’s growth and recognition were due to Norpro’s core belief in exceptional customer service and satisfaction, and in the selling of outstanding products- Isuzu diesel engines. Norpro grew very rapidly and in 1988 Mr. Mondelci began designing and manufacturing generators under the Norpro trademark. Norpro’s philosophy was simple:

  • Build a product that was dependable and reliable in all kinds of operating conditions
  • Use the best technology available
  • Make a product that was simple to operate and easy to maintain
  • Provide the best pricing in the industry

Norpro had become more than just an engine/parts distributor. It was now a manufacturer and its reputation for building a quality product that was highly reliable and affordably priced fueled its growth to a company that now distributes power generation products all over the world.

One thing has not changed and that is that Mr. Mondelci is still guiding Norpro in its everyday business but now his two sons Thomas and Jared assist him. Norpro has the feel of a small business whose core values of customer service and satisfaction remain firmly in place.

Norpro now manufactures products which address multi-industry power generation needs such as commercial marine, recreational boating, agriculture, forestry, recreational vehicles, homeowners, portable power, standby power, and many more. Norpro continues to build its reputation based upon exceptional customer service and satisfaction and products that are the best in the industry.

Norpro has had many notable achievements since its inception in 1986. Norpro continues to develop and distribute new products, which allow it to appeal to an ever growing customer base. Norpro manufactures a full line of alternative fuel based generators using Nissan and General Motors power plants. Norpro builds portable power generators, industrial and marine pumps along with natural gas standby power units.

In 2002 Norpro has developed sound attenuation devices (sound shields) for its line of marine generators, which allows the quietest generator operation in the marine industry. At the 2003 Miami Boat Show Norpro introduced its newest line of generators powered by the popular Yanmar series of diesel engines. These units are ultra light, ultra quiet, compact and feature the latest technological innovations and features.

Research and design efforts are ongoing, the purpose of which is to allow Norpro to maintain its lead in technology, price and customer satisfaction.

Base Engine Design:

4-Stroke, Direct Injected, Mechanically Governed, Pressure Lubricated, Full Flow Oil Filter, Re-borable and Replaceable Cylinders, Grindable Crankshaft, Replaceable Valve Guides and Seats and Heavy Duty Engine Bearings.

General Optional Equipment:

Fuel Tanks, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Filters, Shaft Extensions, Exhaust Systems, Air Induction Systems, SAE Drives/Housings, Engine Feet, Electric Control Panel, Electric Starter, Electric Charging Systems, Special Speed Settings, Hydraulic Pump Adaptations (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 PTO), Special Engine Controls and Automatic Shutdown Systems.

 Model No.
Gross Output kW(CV) @rpm DIN 70020 Inter. Output kW(CV) @ rpm DIN 6270 Cont. Output kW(CV) @rpm DIN 6270 Dry
15LD 225 1 224 3.5 (4.8) @3600 3.3 (4.5) @3600 3.1 (4.2) @3600 28
15LD 315 1 315 4.9 (6.7) @3600 4.6 (6.2) @3600 4.1 (5.6) @3600 33
15LD 350 1 350 5.5 (7.5) @3600 5.1 (7.0) @3600 4.7 (6.4) @3600 33
6LD 400 1 395 6.3 (8.5) @3600 5.9 (8.0) @3600 5.4 (7.3) @3600 45
6LD 435 1 436 7.3 (10.0) @3600 6.8 (9.2) @3600 6.2 (8.3) @3600 46

Power generator engine from Lombardini diesel engines

Family kW Power KVA
from to
15 LD 3.5 - 8.8 2.5 10.0
LGA 4.4 - 8.1 1.8 10.0
IM 5.9 - 6.6 1.8 10.0
FOCS 9.8 - 26.0 5.5 40.0
25 LD 12.0 - 14.0 10.0 18.0
LGW 13.2 - 15.0 1.8 10.0
12 LD 17.0 10.0 18.0
9 LD 21.0 - 28.6 10.0 18.0
11 LD 28.0 - 27.5 15.0 30.0
CHD 29.5 - 47.0 5.5 40.0