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Kubota Diesel Generators

Kubota Diesel Generators, Yanmar Diesel Generators, Isuzu Diesel Generators from Norpro Diesel Generators, Next Generation Power Engineering, , Beta Marine, and see link for more info on Norpro Diesel Generators   are available from Sound Marine Diesel LLC to satisfy any boater, home or business owners requirements for electrical power. SMD is the only Norpro Diesel Generator and Next Generation stocking dealer in Connecticut. We also have the largest Beta Marine showroom in New England, and maintain a rolling stock and on hand inventory available for same day or next day shipping of Norpro Kubota, Isuzu, Yanmar diesel gensets. Non stock Norpro models available to ship to your door within 5 to 7 business days. Our diesel generator models include units from 3.5 KW to 120KW. Transfer switches automatic and manual available contact Joe.

Contact us  for more information including pricing, shipping, sizing KW questions.

Norpro diesel generators
Norpro, a Connecticut,  USA based diesel generator manufacturer company, designs and builds a wide variety of gensets for marine, RV, and land based use.Kubota  generators Isuzu  and Yanmar diesepowered gensets are available between 5KW and 120KW, either heat exchanger, keel cooling, [ for marine applications ] or radiator cooled. [for land and vehicle applications ]  Kubota diesel generators,
 All operate at 1800 rpm, 60 HZ, with 1500rpm, 50HZ output optional. Sound / Weather enclosures are available, as are upgraded control panels, and many other options.
Alternative fuel [ natural gas or propane ] gensets for home and commercial use are available from 9KW to 125KW, using GM, Briggs and Stratton, or Nissan engines.
Norpro also makes portable generators, powered by Lombardini diesel engines, which are ideal for camping, construction, farming, and vacation cabin use.

Each and every unit is test run and load bank tested prior to leaving Norpo ensuring quality each and every time. Each and every quality Norpro Diesel Generator carries a 5 year / 5000 hour warranties.

Next Generation Power Engineering Diesel Generators

Next Generation Power Engineering Inc., a Florida based company, builds ultra-compact 3.5 KW and 5.5 KW gensets using Kubota fresh-water cooled diesel engines. The 3.5 KW unit measures 28" long, 15.5" wide, and 15" tall, and weighs 160 pounds. It's small enough to fit most anywhere on your boat, and is very quiet in operation. It has sufficient output to power a 16,000 btu air conditioner, refrigerator, and battery charger.

Next Generation 5.5KW GensetThe 5.5 KW unit, shown to the right, is 23" long, 17" wide, and 20" high, and weighs 230 pounds. It can power two air conditioners, totaling 20,000 btus, and some small appliances.

Both units are very stingy with fuel, as the average consumption rate is just ONE FIFTH gallon per hour!

An optional fiberglass enclosure is available to further quiet the generator. If the genset is placed in the engine compartment this option is usually not needed, as our generators are designed to operate quietly without it.

Ignition protection is also available. This allows the generator to operate aboard a gasoline powered boat, as it cannot normally ignite gasoline fumes. One very large advantage of a diesel-powered generator is that carbon monoxide fumes are nearly eliminated, in contrast to a gasoline-powered generator. This makes sleeping aboard much safer for the crew.

Please contact us for detailed information on any of our high quality generators.

About Next Generation Power Engineering Inc.

N.G.P. is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality, ultra-compact marine generator sets. Only the top level and best known components are used such as Kubota engines and Stamford Newage/Markon generators.

Company owner Gino Kennedy has been developing and designing specialized power systems for almost twenty years, working for several engine and generator distributors in both Canada and the United States, before opening N.G.P. in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997.

Next Generation Power is most well known for its patented ultra-compact generator designs that are now in use in Marine, R.V. and truck generator applications. Several patents and patents pending have been issued covering horizontal, vertical and stacked generator designs. These designs have produced some of the lightest and smallest diesel gen-sets available for the commercial market today.

The Next Generation Power Inc. philosophy of using only high quality components assembled by skilled workers is followed by 100% testing of every machine, resulting in an impeccable reputation for quality. Absolutely no unnecessary electronic circuit boards or devices are ever used which drastically reduces the potential of failures in harsh environments and makes diagnosis and troubleshooting a breeze.

Designing custom sets for specialized applications is also available. Next Generation Power Inc. has developed many machines for mobile, military and land-based applications where many other companies have failed.

At N.G.P., the commitment to quality products with reliable performance has proven to be the right formula with repeat business coming from referrals of satisfied customers that presently own gensets.

Beta Marine Generators

Beta Marine offers a line of generators, also based upon Kubota diesel engines. Notable features include - All service points are on the same side of the engine, for easy maintenance. They also feature automatic shutdown for high coolant temperature or low oil pressure; a remote engine control; the lube oil change pump is mounted on the engine for easy oil changes, and a three year warranty on the engine. Three phase output is optional.

Beta Marine now offers white Awl-Grip paint as a NO COST option on their generators.

These are available with the following continuous rated, Kilowatt [Kw] outputs -

7KW genset
  • 7 Kw
  • 8.5 Kw
  • 9.5 Kw
  • 10.5 Kw
  • 12.5 Kw
  • 16 Kw
  • 21 Kw
  • 30 Kw
All generator engines run at 1800 rpm, 60 cycle, for long engine life, quiet operation and excellent fuel economy. 50 cycle operation at 1500 rpm is optional. The one shown is 7 Kw. Notice the oil change pump and raw water pump. Click on the image to get a bigger picture.